Kamran Siddiqui, Vice-Provost (Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies)

Kamran SiddiquiKamran Siddiqui was appointed Vice-Provost (Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies) for a five-year term beginning January 2024.

In order to aid the graduate community, The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies aims to: support graduate programs in maintaining high quality and standards, introducing innovations, and increasing enrolments; support graduate students and postdocs in the successful completion of their studies and in development of competitive and marketable career skills; and enhance the profile of graduate and postdoctoral studies at Western.

A professor of mechanical and materials engineering, Kamran has served in several academic leadership positions since joining Western in 2008 including Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies in the Faculty of Engineering. He has also served as one of the research directors at Western’s WindEEE Research Institute since it opened in 2012, and was Associate Chair (Graduate) in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering for seven years.