Mark Daley, Chief AI Officer

Mark DaleyMark Daley was appointed to the as Western's first-ever Chief AI Officer for a five-year term in October 2023.

A respected researcher in the field of neural computation, Mark’s career includes a tenure as Vice-President Research at CIFAR, a world-renowned institute supporting AI research and leading Canada’s national AI strategy. Additionally, Mark is a multidisciplinary scholar and has held cross-appointments in several departments across campus, including Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics & Actuarial Sciences, Biology, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Epidemiology & Biostatistics.

Western is the first university in Canada to create an AI leadership role within its senior executive, and Mark is uniquely qualified for this exciting new role that will help propel Western to the forefront of AI research and application. Most recently Mark served as Western’s Chief Digital Information Officer leading Western Technology Services (WTS). In this capacity he brought together the distributed IT community with a collaborative, respectful and federated approach through the creation of the Strategic Technology forum, drafted the Agile IT Governance framework, and co-created a service-oriented set of strategic objectives guiding the work of WTS.

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