Tracy Isaacs, Special Advisor on Gender-Based & Sexual Violence

Tracy IsaacsTracy Isaacs was appointed to the role of Special Advisor to the Provost on Gender-Based and Sexual Violence for a two-year term, ending December 2024. 

In this role, Tracy is establishing and leading a gender-based and sexual violence Advisory Committee to advise on the continued implementation of the Action Committee and Independent Reviewer report recommendations. She will work collaboratively with all stakeholders on education, communication, and training initiatives; advise on the review and renewal of Western’s gender-based and sexual violence policy; and advance Western’s goal of becoming a national leader in gender- based and sexual violence prevention.

The creation of this role delivers on one of the actions in response to the GBSV reports the university commissioned, and is reflective of our ongoing commitment to make our campus a more respectful, inclusive and safe place to learn, live and work.

Tracy is a professor in the department of philosophy, within the Faculty of Arts & Humanities. She has been at Western since 1992 and has served as the Associate Dean (Academic) for the Faculty of Arts & Humanities since 2015. Some of her previous academic administrative appointments have included Graduate Chair, Philosophy; Chair, Department of Women’s Studies and Feminist Research; and Acting Director, Centre for Women’s Studies and Feminist Research. She is an internationally recognized feminist philosopher whose publications in ethics and moral philosophy bring feminist and other social justice perspectives into the scholarly literature concerning collective moral responsibility.